Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jip Jip Rocks Shiraz

Jip Jip Rocks 2006 Shiraz, Limestone Coast, Australia.  I think it was $12 at Binny's.

The wine was richly colored with a deep garnet hue -opaque in the center and translucent at the  edges.  Swirling the wine, it clung to the glass (nice legs, in winespeak- probably had something to do with the whopping 15% alcohol).

Right away I could smell spice, cranberry sauce, fig smelled like a Thanksgiving kitchen (without the turkey) or mulled wine.  It had a rich, full flavor that lived up to the nose.  On the palate it was clean, smooth, bodacious...almost jellylike without being cloying.  Tannins were there but not overly aggressive.

After the wine opened up a little you really got some pine forest aromas:  juniper, camphor (in a good way)...eucalyptus?  Very classic Shiraz flavor profile.  A nice expression of the Australian style with the grape (known in France as Syrah and in California as either Shiraz or Syrah).

I do like this wine a lot.  It would be a good partner for pasta bolognese (the meaty kind, not the glorified tomato sauce kind).  Maybe a bold poultry dish- turkey mole or jerk duck would bring out the allspice flavors as long as the dish isn't chili pepper hot.  Blue cheese.  Any combination of red fruit jam and strong cheese.  The classic pairing of the grape is with lamb, and although I am not a fan of lamb I concede it would be perfect with lamb cooked with rosemary to compliment the piney flavor.  Maybe a simple lamb kebab skewered on rosemary sprigs.  

Oh yeah, dinner....we ordered pizza!

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