Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Special Breakfast: Crepes with Nutella

Special Breakfast:  Crepes with Nutella

I guess I loaded the photos in backwards.  So the finished product is above, and the crepes coking in the nonstick skillet is below, and the little one "helping" is last although chronologically  first.  This blog is going tohave to  be a crash course (self taught) on computer skills, or it must perish.  There's got to be a better way than what I just did.

In any case.  Crepes are a favorite breakfast around here.  In a pyrex measure, mix 1/4 cup flour with a bit of milk to form a smooth paste.  Add one egg, then enough milk to get the consistency of paint.  Melt 1 T  butter in a nonstick 9" saute pan and mix it into the batter.  Now your pan is also greased and ready.  Pour in just enough batter to swirl around and coat the bottom of the pan- cook until firm- flip- cook another few seconds.  This makes me 5 crepes and takes about 5 minutes.  Each crepe cooks maybe 30 seconds?
Fill with jelly, nutella, cottage cheese, berries....or just roll up and serve with syrup (we call them Swedish Pancakes if we go that route).

Above is the 1.5 year old with the batter.  I actually named the blog after I saw these pictures and noticed the mess in the background.  If I have to make sure my kitchen is tidy before I can take pictures, I might as well not even try.  

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