Friday, September 26, 2008

Leftover Wars part II: Frittata

Here's news you can use:  the Frittata.  If you like quiche, or omelettes, you definately want to have fritatta in your repertoire.  All you need are eggs, a nonstick saute pan, something for filling, and about 10 minutes.

When I last posted I was wading through an unappealing sea of insipid leftovers.  Pizza made a dent, but I was left with this cast of less than appetizing characters for Thursday night's dinner:

That's corn and black bean salad, fresh salsa, grilled chorizo pieces, and a baked potato (I managed to wedge the tortillas in the freezer).  Now might be a good time to mention that I am back on the diet wagon, determined to lose that damn 5 pounds I gained back this summer.  That plays a big role in what I make for dinner, since calories count, Ladies and Gents.  So something like a gooey, cheese quesadilla was out.  I considered a chili/stew type dish, but if there's one thing I hate more than leftovers, it's when the leftovers have leftovers, and chili definately runs that risk.

 I decided to grab some eggs and an onion out of the fridge and make frittata and green salads for dinner. Frittata is a great use for leftovers.  It's also known (in some places such as Tapas bars) as Tortilla Espagnole.  Its similar to a quiche filling but without all the cream- and no crust either which makes it much faster, easier, and healthier. Some good filling suggestions are spinach, cheeses, broccoli, smoked or leftover salmon, mushrooms, bacon or Italian sausage- basically little bits and pieces of anything!

  The corn salad and fresh salsa were dumped into a saucepan and simmered until they coalesced into a chunky fresh tasting sauce.  The onion, potato, and chorizo were browned with a bit of olive oil in my trusty nonstick saute pan:
Then you just add 6 lightly beaten eggs, scramble them until they start to solidify,  throw the whole thing under the broiler just until firm- about 4 minutes cooking time total once you add the eggs.
Sliced and topped with the sauce, it wasn't the best thing I've ever eaten but it was a satisfying, reasonably healthy,  light dinner.  The kids ate it, too.

That plate was about 350 calories, freeing me up for some wine.  One of my favorite websites for figuring calories is

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Amy said...

hey, post my inspired frittata! i even sent you a photo. yum.