Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pork loin with prosciutto, figs, and bleu cheese

Served with garlic sauteed rapini and roasted acorn squash.

I used a piece of boneless pork loin, about 2 lbs.

First I butterflied it by slicing into the bottom third horizontally with a thin fillet knife, 

Then folding the flap back like opening a book, and continuing the cut into the rest of the meat: 

I seasoned the pork with salt and pepper, spread a thin layer of fig jam and laid a few slices of blue cheese on there.  I used a double  creme blue because that's what I had, but a better choice would have been a harder blue. For those who eschew blue, a firm aged Gouda would do, too.

I folded it back up and wrapped it in some prosciutto.

Then in plastic to firm up before sauteing.  It's not necessary to tie or otherwise secure the roast as long as you treat it with tender, loving care.  Until you slice it up and devour it, anyway.

Browned the prosciutto exterior in some olive oil, in an ovenproof pan.

Then it roasts at 350 until 150' or so- about 50 minutes for this one.  The roast and juices were removed to rest.   I cooked some sweet onion in the roasting pan until soft,  then  added some not-quite-ripe figs.

Deglazed with white wine when the figs  started to soften,

Finished up with some chicken stock mixed with just a touch of cornstarch and a few drops of decent balsamic vinegar (always seems to go well with figs).

Dinner for us plus a special guest.

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